5 tricks for perfectly styled hair (without help from hairdresser)

The best hair style is possible for us on two occasions – right after walking out from the hairdresser or when we have no plans on going out anywhere whatsoever. What should you do so that hair look perfect?

Meet proven methods from hairdressers to say goodbye to “bad hair day”.

Many women dream to be able style their hair the way hairdressers do. You sit in the chair and observe carefully what the hair stylist does. It seems like everything is clear. However, the moment you try to recreate the steps at home, the effect is far from salon perfection. Do you want to know the tricks that make you walk out from hairdresser satisfied each time? Read below!

Hair wash technique

It is important how you wash your hair. In particularly when you are regular with hair colourisation, the knowledge about correct technique can be helpful. Gently wash hair, always foam shampoo at the roots. Wash mostly the scalp, in circular motion. Then rinse foam down the hair length allowing it to cleanse the rest of hair. It prevents colour from washing out, when it comes to colour treated hair.

Dry hair with head down

Simple trick concerning drying hair. Usually you do that straight in front of the mirror, trying to style hair. Drying hair with your head down, makes hair easier to dry in the neck area. What is more, hair gain some volume.

Cosmetic mix

You should diversify your stylisation cosmetics. Instead of gel or wax that you first spread between fingers and then apply on hair, try combining cosmetics. Better effects can provide, for instance styling clay with hair oil. It will not only make hair style more long lasting, but also ensure it with beautiful gloss.

Twice time’s a charm

Many women have learnt that more effective hair wash is when you do it twice. Hairdressers do the same with stylisation products. For example, hair pomade. First apply it on damp hair then style it. Next spread pomade in hands and apply it once more on dry hair to preserve the hair style.

Work at roots

Products for hair stylisation seem to be designed typically for short hair. How are you suppose to apply volume paste on long hair and avoid clumping and weighting down in the process? You can do it by applying cosmetic with fingers only at the roots. It will allow you to raise hair and ensure hair style with additional volume.