Dabur Amla

If you want to enjoy healthy and beautiful hair, try out Dabur Amla. The main ingredient of the cosmetic is Indian gooseberry which has a beneficial influence on hair and scalp. The cosmetic offers high effectiveness. Lots of women all around the world are satisfied with the effects it provides. You want to be one of these women? Start the treatment!

Action and properties of Dabur Amla

Indian gooseberry, which Dabur Amla has been extracted from, is used in traditional Indian medicine – Ayurveda. The plant delivers antibacterial and antiviral action. What is more, it has a huge influence on the condition of the hair and scalp. It makes the strands strong, nourished and less prone to falling out. Amla offers antiseptic, anti-dandruff and repairing properties; it is beneficial to the scalp – soothes irritation and other scalp conditions. Dabur Amla makes hair bouncy and supple; it gives natural shine, nourishes and deeply moisturises.

Moreover, the product prevents premature greying and hair loss; it also hinders baldness.

Ingredients of Dabur Amla

The cosmetic contains Indian gooseberry (amla flowers) extract. The plant is a source of vitamin C and substances which neutralize free radicals. It controls the work of sebaceous glands, boosts hair growth, makes hair soft and smooth. Due to the characteristic scent of amla fruit, not everybody is going to like the cosmetic.

Application of Dabur Amla

Dabur Amla oil is recommended for oily as well as dry hair. You must use the product at least three times a week to enjoy satisfactory effects. Warm a few drops of the oil in your palms. Apply it to the scalp (in case of very oily hair) or to the entire length of hair (in case of dry strands). You can apply some more oil to the ends. Remember about a massage during the application – it will enhance the absorption of Dabur Amla, improve blood circulation in skin cells and make you relaxed. Wash the hair after each application with a delicate shampoo (free from drying ingredients).


  • offers healing and conditioning properties
  • anti-dandruff action
  • nourishes and softens the hair


  • fragrance won’t appeal to everybody
  • bottle without an applicator
  • improper application may overburden the hair (too frequent use)
  • limited availability
  • doesn’t boost hair growth