Beautiful curls without curler – you’ll be amazed what wet wipes can do

If curls are your thing, but you are too afraid that frequent treatments with hot curler and air stream from the blow dryer will damage your hair – you just have to try the below method. It does not require heat and is safe to your strands.

Indisputable benefit of the curls with wet wipes is that you can easily sleep with them on – soft tissues do not irritate scalp, so your sleep is as peaceful as ever.


Wet wipes for babies are quite universal product. You will be amazed how much universal. After all, you can use them for hair stylisation. Here is how to create fantastic and natural curls with help of wet wipes for babies.

1. Wash and dry your hair. For further stylisation, hair needs to be really dry, otherwise the coil won’t be as intense as you’d expect.

2. Dry a bit the wipes you’ll be using. Too soaked and fresh can make you wake up with still damp strands, which will disrupt the coil. It is best to take out the number of tissues you are going to need, an hour prior to the use.

3. Separate large streaks of hair and step by step wrap them on the wipes. Due to fact that tissues are soft and elastic, you can help yourself by wrapping hair on the finger and wipe at the same time. When you reach the roots, just gently remove your finger. Tie the tissue by its ends. Elastic fabric should last throughout the night.

Attention! If your hair are especially resistant to stylisation – you can help hair by applying some mousse for stylisation before you wrap the tissues.

To cover the entire head, 6 wipes should be enough. However, if you want the curls to be more fine, you can make more “snails” on your head.

4. An important rule when wrapping the strands: it needs to be perfectly smooth and brushed. You have to wrap it so that hair was as smooth as it is possible. The effort will pay off, because then curls will look beautiful, aesthetic and even.

5. In the morning, remove the wipes and gently run through the hair with your fingers. It is good to additionally smoother each strand with a bit of cosmetic oil for hair. Remember that for the entire head, few drops are enough. If in the morning hair is still damp, then probably the wipes weren’t dry enough. Dry strands with hair dryer for a bit, so that it wouldn’t lose its coil during the day. You can preserve hair style with delicate hair spray or hair lotion.

Good Luck!