Curly hair? Meet the best hair style

Susceptible to stylisation long hair is dream of every woman. Therefore, ladies with tight coil meet quite a challenge in this field. Tying or cutting the curls can also be problematic. Let’s find out how you should take care, cut and style curly hair, so that it become your asset.

The greatest problem with curly hair is thickness. Usually this hair are are much thicker and dry. It is said that by rule, curly hair have high porosity, which means that are stiff and lose nourishing substances and water much faster.

Hair care of curly hair is a key to easier stylisation. Try natural oils for hair.

What oil for curly hair?

Curly hair need light oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids, like argan, linseed, almond, grape seed. It is advised against using hair butters, like coconut oil, shea butter, cupuacu or cocoa. These are oils with larger density and wrong type of fatty acids. Butters can do more bad than good. You should emphasise the coil, not try to frizz hair.

How to cut curly hair?

The most important in choosing hair style is so that it underline face contour. Frizzing hair with tight coil and too much volume can be overwhelming for the face. So, it is important to gradually layer hair to expose face, instead of hiding it under tumbling curls. However, do not go overboard with the layering, because too much of it can add volume instead of gradate it.

However, the most important dilemma concerns fringe. Curly hair with bangs or without? There are no contradictions towards this haircut, but take into consideration what will happen with hair. If you plan on straightening hair, you have to cut more hair, so that it wouldn’t get in your eyes. However, if you want curls to fall gently and natural over the brow ridge, then length can be greater.

How to tie curly hair?

Curls look better with short haircut. However, if you have longer curls, then you can go for tying them up. You have to use stylisation cosmetics such as wax or gel. Without it curls can be difficult to tame. Best hair styles are loose buns low on the neck or high, but also full ponytails.