Oceanic brunette – Perfect way to save your hair after unsuccessful colourisation

Brunettes know it really well, that after some time the same dark colour can become boring. They dream of light highlights in shades of red or blonde. Unfortunately, light strands on dark hair usually does not look as good as you may wish it to. Luckily, even the worst colourisation can be saved with “oceanic brunette”.

“Oceanic brunette” is an effect perfect for all brunettes, who were disappointed with blonde highlights.

Lack of skill in performing highlights is often the cause for it to separate too much from the rest of the hair. Colour can be also too light or too yellow against your skin complexion. Sadly, dark complexion of brunettes on many occasions does not allow blonde experiments.

The idea of turning unsuccessful blonde highlights into “oceanic brunette” came from Hannah Edelman with Brush in Hand Salon. Previously she became famous thanks to colourisation in chocolate mauve. Her newest idea became a big thing on the Internet and social media. The impact was positive. For many women, “oceanic brunette” is a rescue for hair without the necessity to cut hair.

What is “oceanic brunette”? Blonde highlights, you don’t like or are badly made, cover with a mix of several shades of blue and violet. This provides oceanic colour that goes perfectly with brown hair. Hannah Edelman recommends use of such colours as:

  • medium intense blue,
  • lighter blue,
  • expressive violet,
  • medium intense violet,
  • light shade of lavender.

“Oceanic brunette” is highlights in sea shades on dark hair. The deep ocean colour effect is not that difficult to achieve. Hair dyes in the aforementioned colours are perfect for cover of blonde strands. Light colour as a base will heighten the shade of blue.

Oceanic colours in hair colourisation is associated mostly with mermaid effect, which was a top trend few months ago. “Oceanic brunette” is a way milder effect. There are no light, silver colours nor shades of pink. What is more, here hair dye is not applied on the entire hair, only on the lightened areas, where blonde was applied.