Show me your hair style. Can your hair reveal your personality?

Show me your hair style and I tell you who you are. There are eight most popular hair styles women choose. This is exactly the number of personality types, that the hair styles reflect. Find out who you are. See for yourself what it means to wear different hair style everyday. Then you can verify how much truth is to this article.

Short or long hair? Plait or bun? Loose or tight tie? Our personality determines the way we maintain our hair. Therefore, hair style can be often the reflection of character.

Let’s find out what can be said about you, based on the hair style.

Bun – social butterfly

If you like your hair in a bun, then you are probably very outgoing. You value friendship and family bonds. You are sensitive and empathetic, while everyone close to you have unlimited trust for you. You are always near to serve with your advice and hear problems of others.

Curls – hot-tempered romantic

It is impossible to look away, because of your curls. Your inner magnetism is visible in full of volume hair. You are romantic and very sensitive. In combination with open mind and hot-temper is created an interested mix.

Long waves – rationalist

Falling down your shoulders, wavy hair are indication of satisfaction with your life achievements. You have no problem with accepting your appearance, and your self-esteem is pretty high. You do not like to feel sorry for yourself, you achieve your goals with hard work and persistence.

Long and straight – maverick

Straight hair, without any tie, mean you have positive personality. You are easy-going, have no tendency to conflict and are rarely angry. You like to party, but also value those moments you spend exclusively with yourself. You do not like to promenade your emotions, which you keep hidden inside.

Short – friendly

If your hair are really short, you have great sense of humour. You are an interesting person, that is always surrounded by the friendly aura. What is more, you like to be friends with people with the same personality. You like challenge and you always place your bar really high, what makes you respectable.

Ponytail – energetic

Convenient and smart ponytail means you are an energetic woman. You have high expectations towards yourself and others, you are persistent in achieving them and your employers value your effectiveness. You have precise interests and like to be inspired.

Plait – down-to-earth

Tight plait is a hair style perfect for practical and down-to-earth woman. You do not like to waste time, which you dedicate to only important matters. You do not put some sweet lines on anyone, so the group of friends you are surrounded by really cares about you.

Bob – creative

Bob haircut is a reflection of creativity and independence. You feel best when you can make yourself busy with interesting projects. You have precise vision for the future and ambitiously head towards their realisation. You like to work with people, but are more effective when working by yourself.

What if you have different hair style?

It might seem that woman with floating taste for hair styles is emotionally unstable. Nothing more wrong than that. Fascination in various hair styles and frequent changes mean you are very creative and open-minded.