Hair enemy. What to avoid to have beautiful hair?

Hair care is quite a challenge. Choosing right cosmetics. Learning correct hair wash, brushing and stylisation techniques. Understanding your hair needs. It is all extremely important. On top of it, there are numerous things that are harmful to the hair. What should you avoid, so that your hair was healthy?

There are plenty dangers to the hair. We do not have control over everything, yet most of them can be limited.

You just have to know them. Here are the greatest hair enemies.


The sebaceous glands secretion on the scalp is called sebum. It is natural protection for the skin, which limits unfavourable impact of the sun, temperature or mechanical factors. Unfortunately, excess sebum secretion can also be harmful to the hair. It can cause greasy scalp. What is more, over-secretion of sebum can lead to local inflammations and premature ageing.


Sun radiation is harmful to the skin and hair, despite warm sun rays falling on your face feeling so nice. You have to remember that sun radiation damages collagen, which is protein responsible for elasticity. Weak hair are often caused by collagen deficits. Besides, the Sun can significantly dry hair, cause discolouration and burn ends.


It is true that stress motivates and can have beneficial impact on organism. However, only in right amounts. Studies prove that chronic stress disrupts oxygen transport in organism. What does it mean for hair? More free radicals will speed up cells ageing. Skin and hair become dull, matte and weak. Stress has also unfavourable impact on the immune system.


No one needs convincing that cigarettes have harmful impact on health. However, you should know that cigarettes have also bad influence on hair. Well, smoking leads to decline of elastin fibres, which are responsible for skin firmness. You need to know that the substances in cigarettes easily penetrate inner hair structures and weaken it significantly.


Subjecting hair to stylisation is not harmful all in all. Sadly, lack of skill in stylisation can result with permanent damages. Impact on hair condition can have, for example high temperature, which causes excess raise of cuticles, dryness and burn to the fibres. Another harmful thing can be heavy and chemical cosmetics for stylisation. Additionally, it is easy to cause mechanical damages in the meantime, for instance breakage, pulling out.