Frosty hair care. How to take care of hair in the winter?

Winter is a challenging season for hair. Even strong and thick hair can become dry and frizzing in this time of the year. The ways to tame hair in the winter are few. You should really stick to the winter hair care routine and take care of its protection.

Hair will certainly reward you with impeccable appearance.

Meet methods concerning correct hair care for winter months. As far as it is possible stick to them all and you observe change pretty soon.

Firstly, wear a cap!

You read a lot about the wear of cap in the winter aiding to fly-away hair, dryness and, as a consequence, dandruff. You shouldn’t exaggerate. Light cap will prevent this sort of situation, while being great protection for hair. Then, low temperatures will not impact hair condition this badly.

Secondly, do not go out with wet hair!

In the everyday rush, you dedicate little time to your hair. You wash it in the morning, quickly dry and go out with still damp hair. This is the worst torture you can serve your hair with. Damp strands are much more vulnerable to freeze impact. Hair become more brittle, matte and start to frizz.

Thirdly, limit thermal stylisation!

High temperature is in general bad for hair, however, in the winter it is particularly advised to limit hair dryer, curler and straightener. In the winter, you should allow hair to dry more on their own. The difference between straightening temperature and the one on the outside is too big, what can contribute to weakening hair. If you decide on thermal stylisation, you have to necessarily protect hair with right thermo-protective cosmetic and lower the temperature used for the treatment.

Fourthly, use delicate shampoo!

Wearing cap and frequent temperature changes can lead to greasy scalp. This is not a bad thing, however, you have to prepare for the necessity of more often hair wash. In the winter choose gentler shampoos, that will cleanse scalp and hair without disrupting its natural lipid barrier.

Fifthly, hydrate and nourish!

In the winter you tend to quit hydration and nourishment providing cosmetics, whatsoever. You are afraid that it will additionally weight hair down, which in general lack volume after taking the cap off. This is a huge mistake, that can lead to significant worsening of hair condition. In the winter hair need twice as much hydration than in the summer, so you have to use hair masks and conditioners, that can effectively complement nourishing substances deficits.