Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil

Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil is designed for damaged, oily hair with split ends. Herbs, included in the cosmetic, have a beneficial influence on the scalp as well as on the hair. Do you know that Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil can be used instead of a rinse-out conditioner? Check the effects of Vatika oil.

Action and properties of Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil

Apart from beautifying and conditioning action, Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil offers healing properties. The product nourishes and moisturises the scalp thus prevents dandruff and other skin conditions. It controls the work of sebaceous glands, prevents oily hair and effectively reduces sebum production. Moreover, Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil strengthens, repairs and emphasises natural hair colour. It eliminates splitting, reduces hair loss and adds shine.

Additionally, it soothes scalp irritation, reduces itching and other unpleasant ailments.

Ingredients of Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil

Herbs, plant extracts, oils and natural fragrance substances – this is the composition of Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil. Neem and amla alleviate scalp inflammation, provide anti-inflammatory and anti-dandruff action. They strengthen and moisturise the hair as well as define curls and waves. Henna extract makes hair supple and shiny and brings out its natural colour. Lemon and castor oils nullify the dandruff, deliver antiseptic action, regenerate the scalp and boost hair growth. Coconut oil excellently smooths, deeply nourishes and provides amazing shine.

Application of Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil

Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil is most effective in conditioning hair ends. It perfectly moisturises them, protects and prevents splitting. How to use the oil? Put the bottle into a dish filled with warm water before the application. The consistency will change into liquid. Then, apply a few drops to damp hair and leave on for minimum twenty minutes. Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil can replace a conditioner – you leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse.


  • contains coconut oil
  • based on Indian plants
  • emphasizes natural hair colour
  • anti-dandruff action


  • may overburden the hair and the scalp
  • you must heat up the oil to make it more liquid before the application
  • little efficiency
  • unpleasant fragrance