Dove Serum-In-Oil

Damaged hair due to colouring, lightening or other styling treatments? Dry and split hair ends? You should try repairing Dove Serum-In-Oil. Check how it works and if it will help you regenerate damaged hair.

Action and properties of Dove Serum-In-Oil

If you often change your hair colour, curl or straighten your strands, this cosmetic is especially for you. Dove Serum-In-Oil repairs damaged hair and protects from damage that can be caused by straightening, blow-drying and colouring. It rebuilds split ends, smooths the strands and makes your hairstyle beautiful.

Dove Serum-In-Oil delivers shine and suppleness.

You will notice improvement after the very first application. Your hair will look healthier, stronger and well-kept. What is more, the oil enhances detangling, styling and every-day care.

Ingredients of Dove Serum-In-Oil

Dove Serum-In-Oil contains cosmetic ingredients which take care of hair condition. These include: coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower seed oil, almond oil. The cosmetic also includes substances which are regarded as harmful, namely liquid paraffin and large amount of fragrance substances.

Application of Dove Serum-In-Oil

Wash hair with your favourite shampoo before applying Dove Serum-In-Oil. Then, apply a few drops of the oil to damp strands. The amount of the oil you choose depends on how damaged your hair is. Warm the cosmetic in your palms to enhance the absorption. If your hair ends are extremely split and damaged and need immediate care, use larger amount. Thanks to the oil, hair stays fresh longer so you don’t need to wash it so often. Massage a few drops of the product into dry strands. Effect? Shiny, smooth and soft to the touch hair.


  • serum and oil in one
  • easily available
  • makes detangling easier
  • improves hair appearance


  • nourishing and moisturising effects is slightly visible
  • optimal effects can be observed after a dozen or so applications
  • works much better on wet hair
  • small capacity
  • unaesthetic plasic bottle