Redken Diamond Oil

Redken Diamond Oil is recommended for dull and damaged hair. Do you know that the product can be applied in several ways? Those who can devote only several minutes to daily care are going to like the oil. Additionally, plant ingredients included in Redken Diamond Oil take care of your hair.

Action and properties of Redken Diamond Oil

Redken Diamond Oil has been created to rebuild damaged hair, strengthen and nourish it. The cosmetic protects the strands from the damaging external factors, including UV radiation, impurities, dust and free radicals. It provides natural protective barrier and protects from heat produced by hairstyling tools. What is more, it smooths hair and makes it easy to style. Redken Diamond Oil enhances detangling, speeds up blow-drying and tames unruly strands.

The oil defines curls and waves as well as reduces static and frizz.

Ingredients of Redken Diamond Oil

Redken Diamond Oil offers three precious oils: coriander oil, peach oil, camellia oil. Coriander gives antiseptic, protective and smoothing action. Camellia flower oil strengthens hair bulbs and conditions the scalp. Peach oil adds shine and conditions the hair.

Application of Redken Diamond Oil

Three drops of Redken Diamond Oil are needed to condition and nourish the hair. Warm them up in your palms – the cosmetic will be easier to apply. According to the manufacturer, there are six methods of application. The oil provides excellent action when you apply it to damp or wet hair and leave on overnight. It will bring very good results if you add it to a hair mask or conditioner. Remember to mix all the ingredients well. Applied to wet hair or before blow-drying, it prevents tangles and makes styling easier. Redken Diamond Oil can also be applied before hair washing in order to protect from drying substances included in shampoos. Interestingly, the cosmetic can be rubbed in the dry scalp.


  • protects from heat
  • helps to detangle and style
  • very easy application
  • preventes hair from tangling


  • big and heavy bottle
  • strong fragrance
  • may make the scalp greasy
  • creates a greasy layer on the hair
  • contains only three oils